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Oh darn it! I would have loved to meet Wendy. I decided not to go after all. I've been fighting the sniffles and just am not dealing with the cold well. Besides, we have the Pet Fair today (Sunday)and even though I went to set up on Friday, there was still a lot that needed to be done yesterday, so that is where I was. I took the veggie pizza that I made for the guild and by the time I left the club yesterday it was pretty much gone. I already informed the dog club that there will be no more dog events on the second Saturdays of the month. It causes a big conflict for me. Glass button? You resisted glass buttons? How many vendors showed up?


Sorry to miss you too, Eve! It was a great day, great food, great vendors (yes, I gave in ... plucked angora and lambswool/alpaca) There were about 6 - 8 vendors there, one of whom knows my DSO's brother in Auburn. Small world.

Next week is the GVHG annual Silent Auction/Raffle in Victor. Come on up! ( www.gvhg.org )

Thank you Catherine, without your urging I probably wouldn't have come. How cool that there were so many young girls there - we have only one teen in our guild. The glass buttons were awesome, that's something I'd love to try. I know someone with a glass studio just a block from here, maybe I'll press her about lessons. The shawl is FABULOUS, btw. And the cowl is to die for! Minimills, you said?

Catherine D.

Yes, the qiviut came from MiniMills (http://www.minimills.net/qiviut.htm). They probably still don't take credit cards, but they take American checks. Very nice people!

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