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What software are you using? I have a demo disk of Fiberworks, and am wavering on whether to buy it. At this point, I use it mainly to see if something will weave up the way I expect it to.

Catherine D.

I use Fiberworks Silver, which is worth it for the block substitution function. It's a blast to take a profile draft and look at it in huck, summer & winter, etc. (Kate W. take note: I emailed them last month to see if the Mac version is still alive, and it is. Ingrid promised to email me when it gets closer.)

Kate W

Oh, good! Maybe that will get me thinking about weaving again.

Two completely unrelated thoughts: I have not thought about "To Serve Them All My Days" in probably 15 years or so. Off to Netflix. Had you seen it before? And, nosily inquiring, how expensive was the Ihana experience?

Catherine D.

I don't think the Fiberworks will be out on the Mac soon, but at least they're still planning it. ProWeave claims to run on OS X, but they don't have a downloadable demo.

Yes, I saw "To Serve Them All My Days" in the early 80s and never thought it would be released on DVD. I started watching it last night.

And Ihana isn't terribly expensive. I'm not sure what the prices are now, but a few years back, it cost less than $30 to brush both sides of the blanket.


How much do you do for a sample warp? Do you use the big loom or do you have a smaller table loom? I bought a small 8H table loom for workshops and samples, but I never used it - I get too impatient and just throw myself into it.

Catherine D.

For this project, I warped about 1 3/4 yards, and it will go on the big loom. That's not just because the small loom is occupied, but also because it's a rug and I want the heavier (and additionally weighted) beater.

But for lighter weight fabrics, I usually sample on the smaller loom and measure the shortest warp I can manage, about 1 yard.

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