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The typos absolutely drive me to distraction - quite literally. I have to stop reading and back up a few paragraphs, take a few deep breaths and continue while biting my lip and shaking my head. And I'm not even an english major! I soppose nobody bothers paying copy editors anymore.


Hahaha. Typos in blogs however I find charming and evidence of enthusiasm.

Catherine D.

Typos in blogs are inevitable :), but typos that survive to a second edition or (non-trade) paperback must mean that copy editor = spellcheck software!


I knew your response would be entertaining, but I didn't think you'd do it. Thanks for the laugh!

Catherine D.

Oh, dear, I just had a word-geek fit on the meme! #5 should undoubtedly be "If I *were* going to a deserted island"...

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