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Janice in GA

Happy birthday Buki! With just a scrambled egg, you're smarter than we were a few years ago. We made a meat cake with hot dog ornaments and some kind of icing -- I forget what at this remove.

Everyone got upset tummies from the food. We did a LOT of cleaning up after that night. Never again.


Happy birthday Buki!


He's so fluffy! How adorable. I hope Jeeves wasn't too upset with Bulki stealing his birthday limelight.

wendy e

Happy (now-belated) birthday Buki! I've been living with two dogs for a month - now I understand what a treat it is, to have scrambled egg on your dinner. Hope you had no "sad doggy face" on your day.

Caroline in NH

Buki is gorgeous! That picture makes me want to hug him - I bet he's *warm* under all that fur!

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