> Socks and small knits

These are all handknitted socks and other small items. Most of these were knitted from my own handspun yarn. Click on an image for a larger picture and description, plus charts for some.

(Most of the Celtic designs came from Celtic Charted Designs by Co Spinhoven, an excellent and inexpensive resource.)

"Keesmere" hat
Bitty's hat
Blue Keesmere hat
Cabled hat in Montadale
Celtic spiral
Child's hat
Clun Forest socks
Crayon socks
Diamond hat
Diamond patterned socks
Double helix hat
Emma's hat
Emma's scarf
Emma's socks
Emsket socks
Fair Isle Keesmere hat
Fair Isle Keesmere hat
Fair Isle Keesmere hat
Felted Keesmere hat
Felted rolled brim Keesmere hat
Garrett's hat
Gotland/Shetland socks
Gotland/Shetland socks
Gray striped socks
Harlequin socks
Hat, socks and mittens
Indigo hat
Keesmere Cloche
Keesmere Ski Hat
Keesmere socks
Lace brim Keesmere hat
Long spiral socks
Maroon Keesmere hat
Matt's socks
Medium gray Keesmere hat
Moorit Celtic "chain link" socks
Red striped sock
Silja socks
Simple blue hat
Simple diamond socks
Socks from Opal
Steve's hat
Teal mosaic socks
Three color Keesmere socks
Tunis cabled hat